[ein pipen]
i'm drunk today but'en'm seldom sober
a handsome rover from time to time
if only can someone find me a silent boatsman
to carry me home to Baile Ln Smid

while water may warry other drinks are more steady. rock steady... Athole Brose; Baked Cream; Caipirinha; Che Giovannis; Cortez the Killer; Cuba Libre; Deep Purple; Diet Drink; Discovery of Americas; Ginanas; Irish Cream; Itallianha Gazzolinha; Kalina Krasnaya; L.I. Iced Tea; Manhattan Special; Spring Freshnass; The Tool; U-boat Spezial; White Russian; Wotka Spezial.

once in a while it cooks to pleasure... spring water cucumbers; hare in a can; lamb a le naturel; lamb karahi; plov; sardines; spanferkelkopf; chakhokhbili.

all of us have things to say... (all of them beings there are completely fictional and what they do -- are also never existant; all times mentioned are probably an offset of GMT and all measures are quite possibly metric): how i stopped worrying and loved the backdoor; the brunch; [EN]; ; teh fable; electric omnibus #42.

in the oppression of hunger thurst and lust things get done...
frogga teh travla
first revision development prototype for the most excellent navigation device (github)
BSD4.4 base system with and for a free development toolchain; including pcc(1), as(1), ld(1), troff(1), plot(1) ... and more
development tools exported to github as: tools

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