[ein pipen]
i'm drunk today but'en'm seldom sober
a handsome rover from time to time
if only can someone find me a silent boatsman
to carry me home to Baile Làn Smùid

here be ma drinks: Atholl Brose; Baked Cream; Brown Sugar; Caipirinha; Che Giovannis; Cortez the Killer; Cuba Libre; Deep Purple; Diet Drink; Discovery of Americas; Ginanas; Honey Due; Hot Cherry Pop; Irish Cream; Itallianha Gazzolinha; Kalina Krasnaya; L.I. Iced Tea; Manhattan Special; Maté Kudosai; Orange Bear; Pinkyltur; Rowan Run; Sköl; Spring Freshnass; The Tool; U-boat Spezial; White Russian; Wotka Spezial

here be ma eats: spring water cucumbers; hare in a can; lamb a le naturel; lamb karahi; plov; sardines; spanferkelkopf; chakhokhbili

here be ma skids: how i stopped worrying and loved the backdoor; the brunch; иван неофитовичь [EN]; карнавалъ; teh fable; the golden beetle; electric omnibus #42
(all of them beings there are completely fictional and what they do -- are also never existant; all times mentioned are probably an offset of GMT and all measures are quite possibly metric)

in the oppression of hunger thurst and lust things get done...
frogga teh travla
first revision development prototype for the most excellent navigation device (github)
BSD4.4 base system with and for a free development toolchain; including pcc(1), as(1), ld(1), troff(1), plot(1) ... and more
development tools exported to github as: tools

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