it is very important to chose proper game for this dish. whilst plain chikin would do there are other ways to make it things more exciting.
for purposes of this writing we will consider a pheasant. not only because this meal originates from the middle asia where the bird is native of but also because it is damn lecka.
once you have acquired a bird -- clean it off them shrapnels and feathers and store in a cool dark place wrapped in a cloth for a week.
a variation may be produced using lamb. i would suggest neck.
you can use plain unaged chikin in them absense of game.

once the meat is ready cut it into one-two bite pieces and burn quickly on the dry iron or stone skillet until the outer side is whitened out and a little burned with some of it tasty flesh stuck on the burning surface.
in the meantime melt about one quarter of the games worth of finest butter in a heavy pot. throw in them burnt pieces in and shuffle.

rough cut onions at about the same volume as the initial game shall be simmered until soft in the same skillet where it game was played before. make sure a couple of sweet juicy peppers are participating in the process as well. throw all once ready in the pot and stir.
either peel them ripened tomatoes or use a can of half a kilo of them ripened golden apples and add to the pot together with a couple of table spoons of sweet paprikas preferably of hungarian origin together with half a tea spoonfull of both ground coriander and fenugreek and certain amount of pulverised or fresh hot peppers of southern origin. salt with rock it salt to taste.
mix thoroughly and cover. share some of that wine you gotta be breathing there for the meal. add to the taste about 10 or so crushed walnuts.
make it all get married until meat falls off the bone and all smells as you cannot wait nomore!

bring to the table together with fresh corriander grass and white breads. surely you've got some of that wine to drink with as well! here may i recommend that most excellent kakhetian cooperage or even (with less spicy veriety of cooking) gentile tzinandalie!

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