spring water cucumbers

it is spring time for hitler!
some time in late march or even in july them sweet young green things come to us to enjoy them afresh and not so much afresh! best are light green coloured ones with little goose bumps and thin skin. never use those ugly hydroponics creatures! however seeded in the greenhouse and later planted in the open fields are usually okay.
to extend the precious experience lets pickle 'em!
for this we will need a big flat vessel or ideally if you happen to procure one -- a small oak barrel. best with spanish oak but any other oak will do...
for 2 kilos of cucumbers prepare:
  • 10 fresh oak leaves; carefully picked from that family tree of yours
  • some chillis; dry or fresh; big or small
  • some fresh garlic; pealed
  • black pepper; bay leaves; coriander; piment; cloves; anything to your taste
  • average sized root of horse radish (meeretich; kren; etc)
  • dry or fresh dill flower pods with some branches
  • about a glass of good peated whisky
  • about 3-4 healthy table spoons of rock salt (not iodined)
  • 2-3 litres of fresh spring water; depending on yer vessel volume
layer the bottom of the vessel with oak leaves and dill flowers. throw them chillis (whole) and garlic cloves sliced in halves and horse radish all pealed and sliced in bucks. pack then sweet green things all standing up as on the picture (right bowl has some of the previous vintage; see below). make sure that the stem end is on top. in case you are using a barrel that is tall enough to support multiple layers then repeat the same with leaves and dill layered in. boil fresh spring water with salt and all them wonderful spices together and cool it off. you may need more or less of salt -- the brine shall be salty but not bitter. pour the whisky in and fill up the vessel with them cucumbers and all to cover the tops.
keep in the room for about 2-3 days and then hide in the cold dark cellar or for the absense of such in yer icebox...
prepared this way them young green things will stay for a month or two (if they ever survive being eaten of course) and retain their spring freshness and them brine serve for an excellent hangover remedy for them hard gloomy mornings...
once cucumbers gone the brine can be reused for the next batch with alittle salt and water replenished...
them packed
them sides

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