Lamb Karahi

at first we shall need some lamb; about a kilo
while every man of the kitchen would have ones own preference on the best cut of lamb to use i always go for the neck. not only it is tender but also gives alot of flavour with them bones. although adding correction for the bones we would need about 1,5kg which is about a whole neck
while on this occasion fresh lamb has been used aged variation maybe also be of an option for those with a nose for it
do not trim the fat and also get (does not matter from which side of the lamb) about 300 gramms

the rest is easy:
  • a root of ginger
  • a head of garlic
  • one large or a couple of smaller onions
  • 1/2 liter of sour joghurt
  • oil (olive, sunflower or what you prefer)
  • 8 green chillies
  • cumin, fresh black pepper, rock salt
  • fresh coriander grass for serving

while availability of proper joghurt may become an issue -- do not despair! one way to get going is fortifying -- drop 2-3 fresh egg yolks and beat it into joghurt and squeeze into it juice from about half a lemon
as it is obvious from the picture green chillies were not available and thus substituted with green pepperoncinios with and addition of a tea spoon of cayenne pepper (also gives it a wonderful shade of orange)

them ingredients

chop lamb into small bite pieces and fats as you prefer big or small
original way to cook lamb is boiling together with its fats and chopped ginger and garlic and a pinch of salt in small amount of water on slow fire for about half an hour later reducing the liquids to none over the high fire

this however presents us urbanites with a problem over the electric stove as rapid changes of temperature are not readily available
as well being myself more of the high fire frying adept here is modified version of it: roast cumin seed in the dry pan and once they get cracking remove 'em out and crush with heavy objects. put generous amount of oil onto the hot pan and heat it up adding all the neck bones (presumable previously disjointed) and fry 'em on all sides until the cerebral parts start to pop out at which point remove 'em and add fats stirring occasionally till they become unwhite pushing 'em onto the side of the iron and adding lamb. keep 'em separated until fats start to get brown sides then stir all together until lamb starts to get brown sides as well observing the wonderful bubbling going on in the pan
while all this going on spray them bones with salt and say ground piment and enjoy beautiful and delicious finger food to play with with your drinks
now separate meats and greaves into a thick pot leaving the oils behind
fry rough cut onions together with garlic until onions become translucent
throw all into the pot with meats and add ginger and some more oil and joghurt and cumin and most of green chillis and two tea-spoons of rock salt and cook for a bit on slow fire until it get thicker or oil sweats to the top
for a hotter variation add 1-2 tea-spoons of fresh crushed black peppercorns
serve fire-hot and make pretty with chopped coriander and fresh green chillis

this time i went with fresh cooked jasmin rice but deeping fresh fluffy white bread is a totally another experience!
it goes most excellent with rakki or even plain grappa

unfortunately re-heating next day does not work very well although adding some more oil and ginger powder and some more salt sort of recovers the flavour abit

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