best part of the innocent lamb is shoulder (for purposes of this cooking). it will make two generous portions and leave no hungry man behind.

first of all one will require a pot about two littres by volume with a tight lid. it does not have to be air-tight but just not loose.

put a little bit of olive (or sunflower oil) on the bottom of the pan just to prevet any kind sicky action. place the shoulder (you may consider cutting it gently on the elbow although sepration is much easier once it's cooked) and season with salt and pepper and anything else you may find appropriate (such as whole kumin and or dry berries).

layer on top of it [preferably] young potatoes (if big ones -- cut them in half of less as it seems fit) cut in chunks carrots and eggplants. add ough chopped onions and some garlic (either whole cloves peeled or chopped). do not forget to season in between with salt and anything else you see fit for the occasion. a two or four pepperonchinios would not hurt either. maybe a few bay leaves as well and/or some curcuma just for colour. if them potatoes are old and dry and other veggies are not too juicy then a couple of cut in half tomatoes would juice it all up.

cover tight on the top with several cabbage leaves tucking 'em on the sides to prevent vapor escape. put on the lid and place onto moderate fire for an hour -- here it bubbling ever slightely but not violently. you may poke them potatoes somewhere in te second half of the hour to see them ready although it all cannot overcook into mash anyway.

serve in deep dishes with whatever juices have had accumulated. best with white breads and stiff drinks (say tequilla works great).

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