here we be talking about well possibly the most social dish that does not pour itself in the glass and is also not naked! first of all plan the shit ahead and bring your most close men together. wymyn will probably not dig this entertainment and anyhow not allowed to participate in the process along with not be drinking right shit.

here to start one will need about 200-300 gramms of it toughest lamb fat such as from the back all cut in smaller pieces. burn hot olive or sesame oil in the heavy iron pot and throw in them fat pieces at about same amount. fluff 'em around till they give what they are there to give and pull 'em out on the plate and season well with salt and black peppers.

add the lamb (preferably neck) cut in one-two bite pieces and them bones as well and let them brown well. pour a galss of most fine chilled vodka glass for each participant.

in the meantime your were cutting about five of each yellow and red carrots in fine strains all long and thin. pour each one a glass of finest chilled vodka -- shot and eat a piece of them griebens together on it while throwing in them carrots into the boiling oils. add same amount of rough cut onions and keep stiring till they all are soft and fluffy..

season generously with kumin seeds and add two heads of fresh garlicjan with seveared tops and a few hot long pepperonchinios. pour a glass of most finest chilled vodka each and shoot while adding about same amount of cold water as there was of everything in the pot. do not forget to peruse those crunchy lamb grieben!

here you may discuss them crops and wifes' asses while the zirvak is getting its shitz together pour another one and crunch together with them lam grieben we had made before! at the end of it pull out the boners and scavenge any of the tasty meats left upon them with another shot of the chilled one!

here we are becoming upon most feminine part of the experience whilst garlicjan and pepperonchinios are taken out the rice will be going in. depending on your cooking equipment you may consider laying down the bottom with a flat piece of lavash or pita bread. make sure to wash the rice in seven waters before (can be allowed to them wymyns to do) and use some of the softer kinds and also previously sank in warm salt water for at least half an hour... once the rice is in -- use big flat spoon to make it all flat and mushie under the surface but do not mix with meat under. let it chill over the mild fire while you pour just a glass of that finest vodka that was chilling for the occasion and do not forget to cruch on them crunchy lamb grieben!

here be sure to fluff around the rice as you would fluff on it mellow mammas bewb giving it all of that attention and sweet loving that you've got. pour another one and that shall be the end of them crunchy salty grieben. once the liquid is all gone in and on taste the rice and if its not done yet add abit more water and continue.

once ready pull out everything on the large dish plate and put on top those garlicjans and peppers and season around with fresh cut onions and tomatoes. eat with your damn hands and drink together to that funky omar khayam duder and his wife!

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