first of all we will require some sardines.
preferably big but small ones do work out just the same. in this case we scored some big fat mofos for about a kilo. then we will need some rock (not iodined salt) and some good vinegar. best works with light wine vinegar but can use distilled 6% as well. and of course some super-mega-extra-virgin olive oil. best with some that you have pressed yourself!
do not forget to alittle good old single malt in the process.
them ingredients
then peel them sardines and remove all the bones however keep both sides attached at the back for easier handling. it is not necessary or is even harmful to remove the skin.
keep them roe and milt and put 'em in the bottom of the curing vessel.
them peeled
layer them fishes with salt and bay leaves keeping them double layers skin to skin and flesh to flesh.
do not be shy with salt as any excess will wash away later...
once all them pretty things are layed down chick to chick cover with a plate and press with about 2-3 kilos of weight.
leave it alone for about an hour and enjoy yer peat...
them packed them packed more
an hour passed away and now it's time to fetch our fishes and wash 'em from excess salt under cold water flow.
squish the water off the fishes and break 'em into separate filets packing sideways into the pickling vessel. this shall allow proper exposure to the vinegar.
pour vinegar over to cover and put it away for another 40 minutes. it is important to not over-pickle as them fishes will quickly turn sour and tough...
after that squish the fishes from excess vinegar and pack into a jar or a pot or a big cup covering with the most excellent olive oil you can procure.
them brined
and now finally we can enjoy the all the slightely salted roe and milt...
spread some fresh black pepper on them top and cover with olive oil! enjoy yer peat! (or in this case some good old rum! arrrr!)
them peeled

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