this story is about a little froggie who liked to travel. he asked his friend the white stork to take him with to see the world for one thing the white stork had was the navigator.

what do need when hiking and/or biking?

  • know where we are?
  • know where we are going to!
in case of traveling by bike it is also to our advantage to be aware of the ground speed and the distance travelled/remained.
this is our usage scenario: plot the daily way-points and hike/bike from the current to the next trying to keep up the schedule.
for this purpose map navigation as offered by oh so popular devices today is a clear overkill. where is the fun if you never take the wrong path? (:
just to be able to draw pretty graphs later we collect our telemetry and biometry data (as by means of pedal cadence and heart rate) and store onto the sd-card conveniently available on the music shield.

the duder behind this heinous contraption is mickey and here is the source code in the git repo and you can clone it for hacking from


* no animals wild or domestic were harmed in the process

step one -- get the stuff!
here -- the box has come!
[the box of humppa]
all the goodies!
here is what we have gotten:
  • seeeduino stalker (atmega328)
  • 128x64 monochrome lcd module
  • gps xbee shield (and antenna)
  • the most excellent power button
  • proto board to mount things on
  • thumb joystick
  • ftdi usb->serial board for programming
  • buncha honky shields to play with in between
[goodies unpacked]
planning is important!
an approximation in ink and 1:1 drawing scale is the solid foundation for success! although this is mostly just a sizes mock-up as we can see later things will change slightly as we get more grip on the construction process.
[most excellent drawing]
first fitting!
see if it all actually fits and makes any sense...
(and show off my new awesome shiny angle that is both metric and not so much! ;)
zefix halleluah!
[can haz the lines]
the faceplate!
as they say -- they meet you for your face.
and the grim face it is (after five or so coats of pain ;)
all the cuttings are done by hands -- general shape by knife and holes drilled with a bosch electric drill and an m10 bit.
the lcd window is drilled with m3 on the corners and cut and finished with the most heinous tri-sided file.
overall sanding with a fine sandpaper that make yo fingers smooth
[shake bake sand]
parts check!
see if we got all the goodies and wires. one cannot but notice the most excellent stangenzircul in the back. seeeduino stalker -- check!
shields up -- check!
lcd with i2c controller -- check!
big-ass battery -- check!
front panel -- check!
becherovka -- check!
the glue gun action!
a few drinks and "OMG!"s later all pieces are in place.
next time the glue gun gets a drink too!
one gotta notice that lcd is moved to the center and other placements are readjusted properly to fit the structural constraints of shattering plexiglass.
[gnu is not glue!]
it runs, mamma!
a little test run when all is in place. this is just a test program with sensors sampling.
[blinky blinky]
side view!
bottom view!
top-down left-right are:
  • KS108 lcd with PCA9555 i2c adaptor
  • gps antenna (for NEO5 gps)
  • HMC5843 3-axis digital compass
  • BMA180 3-axis accelerometer
  • ITG3200 3-axis gyroscope
  • excellent power button with blue led embedded
  • LiPo battery pack
  • stalker (incl. DS1307 rtc) with power shield attached
  • VS1053 music shield (incl. sd-card slot; not attached)
  • nuts and bolts
[spilling the guts]
celebrity shot!
this bad mofo will be watching yo!
he'll shoh ya da path!
[sly mofo]

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