there was a dragonfly. she was shiny and colourfull and gay buzzing her shiny wings all around the green meadow. once she noticed a hedgehog rolling through the field and collecting them old roots and seeds and smelling the smell of everything. it was spring and everything was in blossom.

she asked him: -- who needs all this things?

and the little hedgehog said: -- i need. i want to know.

she shrugged and buzzed away to the hemp field nearbuy...

it was a few moons before she saw the little hedgehog again. it was summer already and it lush rays of sun turned flowers into berries and seeds. and the meadow was full of new colours again.

she asked again: -- what are you doing friend?

and the little hedgehog replied: -- i gather them berries and nuts.

she shrugged her little shoulders and buzzed away to the poppy field nearby. sweet summer days turned all cold and rainy and occasional snow would break off a day. dragonfly was frantically scanning the meadow to find a place to hide and pass through the coming winter and then she saw little hedgehogs dead corpse. she crawled under his neidlie skin and spent the winter warm in the decaying flesh safe from cold and snow.

next spring she sprung out even more beautiful and spent the summer just as the summer before buzzing through the flowers and hot air and when winter came she tried to search for the little hedgehog but no sign of corpse was there anymore.

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