electric omnibus #42

electric omnibus was driving its root. of course it was an omnibus and it can drive anywhere but it was a very responsible electric omnibus and it was driving route number forty-two. behind its large front window driver was holding the wheel and pushing them pedals. electric omnibus was designed by very smart thinking machines to drive any route and it was also proud to have a humanoid driver sitting there in the front and being serious

the driver was also very serious. he was honking at all them little cars cutting off in front of his electric omnibus and was slamming doors at them irresponsible wannabe pasangers attempting to enter the electric omnibus with them drinks and all sorts of food and discord. he already had slammed the doors at three of them today and was very proud of his responsible service. "this machine would not be able to keep the order like we humanoids do!" this thought was making him feel very important and he was combing his marvelous prussian mustache with a little comb his spouse had been cleaning and placing in his breast pocket every morning

there were several pasangers in the bus. one of them was a young operator of them thinking machines (not unsimilar to those that designed this electric omnibus) who was studying mathematics and electricity to be able to operate machines better. his mind was full of colourful happy pictures of the better future designed by them thinking machines! all those cryptic formulaes and smooth graphs and colourful venn diagrams were just little scales or the grand mosaic of this bright future! next to him were sitting two old women who were going around their market business. they went to the market and chosen most freshest produce and best cuts of meat and most delicious fishes to cook them dinners for their children working hard daily jobs assembling electric omnibuses designed by them thinking machines

electric omnibus was approaching a big important stop and it had executed the stopping procedure just as the smart thinking machines had designed it to do so. a thought suddenly crossed drivers mind while he was pushing the button to open doors "this dumb electric omnibus could never know where to stop and what to do! this is why we humanoids are drivers and they are the drivers!" doors opened

two young mothers approached the door each with a baby in a stroller of the latest design with multitudes of special pockets and little buttons and lights and whistles all designed by them thinking machines just to make young mothers lifes easier. one baby was a girl and another was a boy and they knew that when the proper time comes they will be adults and they will forget all about being a baby and will be serious and responsible just like their young mothers are now. young mothers held a continuous conversation on the topic of their young mothers' business and shot mean looks at those occupying special places special for young mothers with strollers in the electric omnibus designed by them thinking machines until those inappropriate pasangers dispersed to other inner corners of the electric omnibus

the driver pushed the button to close them doors and sat there waiting till the red light would pass and electric omnibus would continue driving. he passed a patronising smirk into his big prussian mustache as if saying to all those late pasangers waving and knocking on them doors "our electric omnibus is on very important route and we cannot serve the unpunctuals! you have to wait for the next electric omnibus and learn to be on time!" then he thought to himself "how can people be so irresponsible and want to be driven in electric omnibus!?" the green light had become

electric omnibus could have had them doors opened but it was not designed to work off-schedule and it was on very important route that it had chosen all by itself -- route number forty-two.

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