Atholl Brose
half a pound of steel cut oats soak in well water over night and press them yummie liquids out in the morning at them first rays of sun. mix with half of most excellent heather honey and two pints of fine whisky then fill the rest of the bottle with most heavy cream adding salt to taste and shake properly twice a day for a week or two. best made in december.
Baked Cream
best suited for them cold winters. a pint of baccardi-151 is partially filled into a hot coffee cup. the rest of the pint is refilled with heavy cream and whilst shaken periodically (till the coffee runs out) stays warmed in the inner pocket. suck from the neck while strolling down the ocean pkwy and sing the american anthem.
Brown Sugar
this one is a special beauty as everything like it sugar does -- in spoons! put one spoon of good instant coffee with one spoon of heather honey topped with yer good old overproof rum to a boot; here one would add some spices such as muskat nut and/or chillies and top with freshly squeezed lime juices and mix until it's all in liquid condition. goes better body warm and best with chocolate chips cookies while whatching the sweet sweetbacks' badass song and smoking on it big cuban cigar of yer choice!
about four limes cut and sexually abused in a wide glass with a cane sugars subseuently drown with best cachasa available and all together smashed till they scream. top the glass with crushed ice and suck through a thick pipe.
Che Giovannis
a slice of ripe lemon stomped properly with generous amounts of proper cuban rum and colour up with black currant syrup and some holed water to taste. suck on two wide pipes!
Cortez the Killer
drown fine crushed ice with tequilla of your choice and colour through properly with blackcurrant syrop. add magic with heavy cream and mix thoroughly. suck on the thick pipe.
Cuba Libre
straight tall glass off the fine tabacco-infused genever. kiss the girl.
may be found in the city of Antwerpen.
Deep Purple
one of black-currant syrup together with two vodkas and a heavy cream well shaken. drink from the glass like Superstar would do it!
Diet Drink
proper cactus pealed and smashed to death subsequently drown with righteous tequila and made all together. drink as desired.
Discovery of Americas
big chunk of ice or even an ice cone stick in an appropriate glass and sunk properly with "Linie" aquavita and filled the rest with mild cider. snack on with dry shark (as they make in iceland).
best jin mixed in half-and-half with most real pineapple juice. lick on the next most excellent lolita while drinking.
Honey Due
shot of chocolate stoly and a big spoon of honey in an imperial pint refilled with stout.
Hot Cherry Pop
a dopple-espresso with a spoon of brown/black/sugar of your choice with a dash of vanille sugar and cayenne pepper mixed till the sugar disappears topped with an equal volume of sour cherry infusion or (for those poor souls not making their own infusions of sour cherries) a sour cherry liquor. when the fusion was of extra octane may turn it into an "albino" cherrypop with abit of heavy cream.
Irish Cream
six tea spoons of best instant coffee together with one or more to taste spoons of cane sugars drowned with most excellent irish whisky to about the third or half of the iron cup and then topped with full fat fresh cream. mix thoroughly and let it get married. eat with a spoon if necessary!
Itallian Gazzoline
aperol and any wine to your taste together with possibly lemon or holed water. suck as you like.
Kalina Krasnaya
rock ice, tiny bit of holunder berry syrop, campari, a drop of grappa and some lemon or orange to taste. suck through the thin straw.
L.I. Iced Tea
fill up to about one third of an iced-tea pint bottle with ice cubes. pour semi-equal parts of vodka jin tequilla and white rum up to about three quarters level. splash on with silver tequilla and tripplesec. colour up with lemon slices and cola of your choice.
Manhattan Special
a dopple-espresso mixed with two spoons of cane sugar and poured over the rock ice in a tall glass followed by the same amount of champagne grappa and filled to the rest with a holed water. drank through a fine pipe while listening to san remo musics.
Maté Kudosai
preparation: white barbados rum soaked over yerba at about 1:10 for at least one night althogh longer periods bring more bitterness for those of a rougher character. add cane sugar and fresh squeezed lime juice to taste. mix in a shot glass half and half with fresh heavy cream. suck in small sips.
Orange Bear (courtesy "Orange Bear")
3oz vodka 3oz gin 3oz rum 3oz obstler 2oz tequilla silver 3oz orange juice. served in a beer mug with a chaser by rosi the riveter.
preparing: acquire matching size petry dish and pink ripe grapefruit of matching size when cut on the equator deseed and slice several as thin as possible slices of grapefruit (requires very thin sharp wide knife). in a wide-neck jar that fits the slices unfolded sync then in an over-proof dark artisan rum for a few days or overnight and chill it out
serving: in a chilled petry dish pour a spoon or so of the rum juice and place the grapefruit slice flat carefully using them zirconium ecrusted tweezers; use a spice of your choice to create in random locations of the grapefruit couple "culture" starters (usde nutmer or cinnamon pulver or a colourfull paprica or even curcuma); serve with a desert fork
injesting: use the desert fork to disect the slice in half each with its own "cultuire" starter and separating the outer fruit zest if necessary; roll one part of the flesh on the fork and sync into the rum juice
Rowan Run
rowan (or similar) berries of about third of a bottle drawn in undilluted dark rum for at leat two weeks (up to a month is advisable). drain into serving measure and repeat. mix both fractions possibly with cane sugar to taste. may use brandy or cachaca instead.
double shot of best cold vodka topped with bitter/lager/pilsner.
Spring Freshnass
fresh basilic leaves stomped with possibly some sugars and then mellowed down with honey-wine and dry secc over ice also may be improved with some lemon whilst secc was not up to dryness enough.
The Tool
dillute best vodka with the most excellent pink grapefruit juice and possibly ice up to taste. suck until done.
U-Boat Spezial
half and half lemon juice and heavy cream properly shaked and drank with them bubbles!
White Russian
a dopple-espresso mixed with three spoons of cane sugar and poured on rock ice followed with two parts of best vodka snd one part heavy cream. well steared and drank from the glass like a rock star.
Wotka Spezial (memory of genna)
in a wide glass pour the best vodka and then pour another one.
suck through a thin straw.

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